Kellie is a Colorado native, born and raised in Aurora, but currently lives in Arvada.  There is no corner of the Denver metro area that she hasn’t spent time exploring.  Kellie’s parents came to Colorado from California in the early 1970’s, when her father was stationed at Ft. Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs after serving in Vietnam.  The opportunity presented itself, and her parents moved to Aurora in 1976.  After moving, Kellie’s parents both worked until they were able to open their own General Contracting construction business.  They focused initially on home construction, and then moved into building corporate daycare facilities until the early 1990’s. Kellie was born in the late 70’s, where she grew up and attended private and public schools in Aurora.  While still in school, Kellie’s first job was as a file clerk and general office support for Miller Construction, Inc.

Kellie’s personal passion and hobby is breeding, raising, and showing purebred dogs.  She got this passion from her mother and grandmother, who were both involved with purebred dogs from the time before Kellie was born.  She continued this love of animals and animal sports by working as an American Kennel Club Professional Handler for over 20 years.  Kellie is a member of the Professional Handlers Association, Inc., an organization furthering the sport and professionals involved in it.  Kellie breeds Brittanys for competition, companion, and hunting purposes.  One of her greatest accomplishments is winning the 2010 Sporting Group at the Westminster Kennel Club at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY with a Brittany named Tally.

Prior to joining the “A Property Kat & Rizzo” team, dog shows and competitions provided for Kellie’s income.  This also provided her opportunities to learn how to be self-employed, develop personal and profession communication skills, and to travel to exciting locations and meet people from all walks of life.  She has been to every state in the country except Vermont, Connecticut, and Alaska; but that will soon be rectified.  Kellie still shows dogs for a select few clients, but decided living out of a suitcase no longer met her long-term needs and interests.

In 2012, Kellie moved to Arvada with her significant other Jeremy, who is a Civil/Structural engineer for the Government.  Together, they are renovating their 1970’s-era home, providing much needed improvements.  Kellie has learned so much through this process that Real Estate and the potential surrounding it has become a keen interest.

Kellie joined the “A Property Kat & Rizzo” Team in 2020 to help you transition into/out of your home, address any questions or concerns you may have, and to make your experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

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