Next Meeting …… Coming Soon in August 2023!!!!

Are you looking to start a path to financial freedom?  Income or rental properties can be an amazing tool towards achieving financial freedom.  

Buying Income Properties

Kathy will guide investors on what properties have potential for great cash flow or great appreciation.  The best case scenario is obtaining a property that can give an investor, both great cash flow and great appreciation.

If Investors are interested in buying properties that need some rehab or updating.  Kathy will guide investors on what features will give rentals a return on investment.   For example putting in that amazing “rain shower” shower head in the bathroom has ZERO return on investment for a rental.   

To Furnish or Not to Furnish? That is the question…

Kathy will utilize her experience with both month to month furnished properties as well as annual unfurnished properties to guide investors on the strategy the works best for them.  Kathy will guide you on how to market both types of properties to reach their best and quickest rental potential. 

Investors’ Forum (Investor Support Group)

Kathy Hosts a quarterly meeting for both experienced and new income property investors.  These meetings are 2 hours on a Saturday evening.     Experts from the industry are brought in to present on various aspects of maintaining income properties.   Asset protection/estate planning, 1031 exchanges, property management, accessing equity are some of the topics that experts have presented on.   In addition to the expert presenter, there is an open forum where investors can as questions, ask for support and share experiences with the group.   There have been some wonderful information exchanged with this group.  

Next Investors’ Forum – TBD

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